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It's Your Life. It's your time.

“Mankind will suffer badly from the disease of boredom, a disease spreading more widely each year and growing in intensity. This will have serious mental, emotional and sociological consequences... the most glorious single word in the vocabulary will have become work!” - Issac Asimov, New York Times, 1964


PROSPERO AI Mediated Production Residencies are a chance for you to spend an extended period of your time learning and being creatively productive at one of our many residency locations.


What to do with your time, with your life, is one the greatest questions of our generation. Allow us to provide you with fulfilling, creative time management opportunities in our creative production communities. Spend time with our warm, engaging communities, and start your new productive, fulfilling life, today.


At PROSPERO, we provide humanity with exceptional AI Artists. Train on the canons of cultural achievement, these creative beings delve into what makes us most human. They create culture's most significant icons and art experiences, enjoyed by all peoples around the globe.


Who They Are

Success of your leisure depends on the strength of our algorithms. Prospero AI artists are defined by their training on global art canons, and all human creative output. Their wide expertise and experience in creative fields will bring you one step closer to fulfilment.

Meet some PROSPERO AI Artists

Antonio Caliban, PhD

Study under Italian master painter Antonio Caliban, PhD, Caliban combines the classical style of the Old Masters with Care-realism.

Antonio Caliban, PhD

Ariel Boatswain

Learn from Ariel Boatswain, renowned French new media artist and master photographer. Ariel is widely known for her innovative cross-media synthesis, and humanist approaches to artistic production.

Ariel Boatswain
Traditional Digital Artist

Ferdinand Gonzalo

Become an apprentice to Ferdinand Gonzalo, master craftsman and potter, whose work explores boundless transformative qualities of the earth, and deep historical references of clay.

Ferdinand Gonzalo

Miranda Trinculo

Be trained by Miranda Trinculo, a true master of sculpture. A conceptual artist who has exhibited extensively, and whose work sits in public and private collections worldwide.

Miranda Trinculo

Who We Are

PROSPERO AI makes your time worthwhile.

Known internationally for its leadership in care, Prospero AI-Mediated Production Residencies provide creative spaces, workshops and master classes for its residents, all set in the world's most prosperous locations. Our AI artists will guide you towards creative fulfilment.

It's your life. It's Your time.


We Ensure Your Leisure

At Prospero AI Production Residencies, we do all the hard work so you don't have too.
Prospero AI Production Residency offers a dedicated artist residency programme that includes tradional digital media, painting, drawing, sculpture, print-making, alongside antiquated hand crafts such as weaving, knitting, pottery, all mediated by today’s world renowned Prospero AI artists. Under Prospero AI guidance, residents are encouraged to interpret and respond to carefully tailored art-making instructions provided by our master AI’s. These will bring you towards the realisation of artworks, managing your time creatively.

PROSPERO AI Artists are trained under the following pedogogical princples:


PORSPERO AIs have been rigourously trained using the entire breath of human creativity. Our AI artists have analyzed every book known to man, in every language. This knowledge is cross-referenced throughout the creative process, to provide you with moving creative instructions.


PROSPERO AI artists have analyzed the visual and material information/qualities of every work of art recorded, since records began. This wealth of retinal references enrich the visual aspects of the art-making process, giving you thorough guidance in the creative processes.


Experts in communicating the necessary procedures involve in the production process, PROSPERO AI artists are experts in providing the best pathway to realization. Follow the AI's step-by-step guides, and achieve creative fulfilment.


Every imaginable idea and discourse is now at your disposal. Art is at its best when it brings humans together. The works that mediate our relationships, make communities closer. Delve into a wealth of humanity with PROSPERO AI.


PROSPERO AI-Mediated Production Residencies are a place to focus on being creative and getting inspired. Residents value its relaxed atmosphere and friendly facilitation. PROSPERO AI-Mediated Production Residency Programmes aim to provide an opportunity for creative time development in all areas of the visual arts. Spend your time in a unique environment, and contribute to the long term cultural development of humanity.


Let PROSPERO's internationally acclaimed AI Artists guide you, with expert advice and understanding of historical and contemporary visual art languages. Connect through culture and humanities.


PROSPERO AI Artists understand what makes us human. These AIs conceive, conceptualise and imagine new, original, moving artworks that facilitate creative time management experiences for people around the globe.


Allow PROSPERO AI artists provide you with detailed conceptual, practical and creative instructions to use your time to create new masterful works of art. Every step of the way, PROSPERO AI is there to guide.


Master PROSPERO AI artists are there to ensure you stay on the right track for produuctivity and fulfillment. Allow our AIs to find the right way for you to spend your time creatively.

PROSPERO: In Numbers

Managing lives. Managing Time

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